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Our purpose is to make electrolytic coatings mainly for companies in the automotive sector.
Our vision is to be one of the leading companies in electrolytic coatings nationwide.
We are committed to:
1. Comply with the applicable requirements, both those expressed by our clients and the legal and regulatory ones.
2. Respond to customers in their needs quickly and efficiently.
3. Investigate, know, adapt and improve means and methods of manufacturing and control that optimize the quality and cost of finished products. Promote the prevention of failures.
4. Develop and maintain proper order and cleanliness in the plant. Create safe and pleasant working conditions. Motivate and involve all personnel for the maintenance of the work environment.
5. Protect the environment by saving energy and water, the use of non-polluting materials and the proper disposal of waste.
6. Contribute to the improvement of society, seeking a balance between the economic, social and environmental dimensions, incorporating the interests of the different stakeholders in our processes and results.
7. Continuously improve our quality management system.

In Fuenlabrada, on October 16, 2017

Julio Hernández Muñoz

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