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miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

ALFREDO VILLA announces that a CITROËN be manufactured in MADRID

Author: AutoRevista

Alfredo Vila, CEO of Automobiles Citroën to Spain and Portugal, has announced that the production center in Madrid PSA Group will build a model of the Citroën brand, during a recent meeting with the Spanish press. In principle, the model seems to be awarded to the plant by 2014.

"The pessimism that prevails in our country has put a blindfold on preventing us to see our strengths. The automotive sector is one of them, "he said. In this sense, the awards mentioned Vila vehicle manufacturing to Spain, in some cases at the expense of its production in the countries of the parent. "Thanks to its competitiveness, Spanish factories have welcomed the production of new models. This is the case with the Galicians Citroën C-Elysée, the Berlingo Electric, and others to come in the Vigo plant. Also the production center of Madrid, will manufacture a Citroen ", said the director of the French brand.

"We started the year without government help plan and almost no hope of having" recalled. "But thanks to him we'll end up stopping the brutal 2012 market decline, keeping the barrier of 700,000 cars." Citroen expects to end the year leading the commercial vehicle market. The accumulated to November, the brand also leads to private sales in the overall passenger car market more commercial vehicles, so it is expected to end the year in this position, maintaining market share, profitability and competitiveness.

"At Citroën we can not allow pessimism invade us and focus on fighting for the future with confidence, ready to continue investing in the best to win, whether Galicians like cars or producing Vigo Madrid Villaverde as they manufacture or Cantabrians as Dani Sordo, "Vila said, referring to the Cantabrian driver, recently signed by Citroën Racing to compete in the upcoming World Rally Championship. Citroën has sold more than 280,000 vehicles in its DS distinctive line, accounting for 11% of global sales.

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